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How to tell if someone is on drugs: Opioids, Cocaine and more

Published On: 20 December 2021

Drug addiction is a chronic and relapsing disorder that can be life-threatening if proper intervention is not provided immediately. Knowing the general signs of drug addiction can help save a loved one from immense pain and suffering. The harmful consequences directly impact a person’s health, job, school, and social relationships. The initial step in drug addiction treatment is to determine if a person is using addictive substances. Identifying people who are on drugs can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, various drugs share common signs of addiction. These general signs of drug use manifest physically, psychologically, and behaviorally.

Physical Signs

Physical signs of drug use can be evident or hidden. Some signs are gradual and take time to fully show. Physical signs of drug use include:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Weight changes
  • Lethargy
  • Chemical odor on clothes or breath
  • Skin marks
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Poor skin tone
  • Poor hygiene

Psychological Signs

Drugs alter brain functions. People who use drugs manifest changes in their thoughts and emotions. Some psychological signs of drug use include:

  • Mental health problems like depression or anxiety
  • Feeling of apathy
  • Paranoid thoughts
  • Negative self-image
  • Negative perception of the future
  • Lack of motivation

Behavioral Signs

Drugs can make a person act like an entirely different person. The shift in behavior:

  • Problems with financial management
  • Increased desire for privacy
  • Decline in relationship with family and friends
  • Change in appetite and eating habits
  • Decline in school or work performance
  • Disinterest in work and school responsibilities
  • Frequent lying and deception

Recognizing these signs is the first step towards recovery. Without proper action, these signs may worsen and develop into substance addiction. Treatment for drug addiction is better given at an early stage to prevent severe health issues from emerging. If you notice a loved one showing these signs, encourage them to seek help and contact your nearest addiction treatment center. It is not an easy path, but the road to recovery and sobriety is possible with the proper treatments. 

What to do when someone you know is on drugs?

When you want to help a drug addict recover, the number one thing you need to do is be supportive and understanding. Recovery takes time and it is not an easy thing for an addict to overcome their addiction. It’s important that you are there to support your friend or family member, especially when they are going through withdrawal. Addiction can take over a person’s life and it is not something they can control on their own. They need your love and support in order to recover and come back to the person they used to be before drugs took over their lives. The best thing to do is contact an addiction treatment center near you. If your loved one consents to addiction treatment, call a drug rehabilitation center in your area.

Why is Daylight Recovery Center the best drug rehab?

Daylight Detox Recovery Center is a reputable drug rehabilitation center ready to lend a hand to people who want to stray from drug use. As the leading drug rehab, we are equipped with the latest techniques to guide our patients towards recovery. When your loved one enters Daylight Recovery Center, you can be assured that they will be provided with ample care and attention. Our medical professionals treat everyone in our center fairly. You can be sure that they will receive the same quality of care we provide in our center. Discrimination does not have a place in our center. 

We acknowledge that our patients have different struggles and backgrounds. Our therapists provide each patient with their own personalized drug treatment plan. We make sure that all our patients get the treatment that is best and most helpful for them. Our therapies do not only help our patients triumph over addiction, we also make sure they do not relapse. With our specialized therapy programs, we make sure to treat the root cause of their addiction. If you have any questions regarding our services and procedures, you may call our addiction hotline. Our experts would be glad to answer all your inquiries. Reach us at 1-877-566-3869. 

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