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How to Prepare for rehab?

Anyone who’s struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction can relate to how difficult it is to the habit for good. For most, it can take several attempts to achieve, and maintain sobriety. The thought of entering an inpatient rehabilitation facility to address your drug and alcohol dependency can be anxiety provoking, but the reality is there’s nothing to worry about. In actuality, you should be excited! You have taken the first, and most important step, to achieving recovery. Here are some tips to help you prepare for rehab.

No more shame

First and foremost, drop any ideas of shame or embarrassment. Our society has attached a stigma to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction for far too long. Addiction is a chronic disease which can be treated and managed medically under the supervision of a doctor. The days of calling people struggling with addiction addicts are in the past. Science has proven that addiction is not a sign of weakness or damaged character, but rather a chronic disease that needs to be addressed by medical professionals. Just like it takes time to find the correct dosage of insulin to manage one’s blood sugar level, it takes time and a tremendous amount of hard work to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety after battling addiction.

Be prepared to make a commitment

There are various levels of care involved when treating drug and alcohol addiction. The highest level of care, and the most well-known, is called medical detox. Detox is the process of removing all drugs, alcohol and toxins from the body. Various factors come into play when determining how long it takes for a person to complete the detox process. Anyone who has completed medical detox knows that you feel a million times better immediately after treatment. While this is wonderful, many patients make the common mistake of thinking they are cured. This is not the time to leave treatment! Although you are feeling much better, you have not addressed the underlying issues that have fueled your addiction. Residential treatment is the most crucial time for patients to take advantage of a freshly clear mind, and with the aid of a dedicated medical team, work through underlying problems that made you turn to substance abuse. When you prepare to enter rehab, it’s best to go in with the mindset that you’ll be staying at least 30 days. If your treatment plan does not require a 30 day stay, that’s wonderful, but at least you’re prepared to stay if you need some extra time to work on personal issues.

Prepare for rehab: What to pack

Not all treatment facilities are equal, however, most reputable centers will have similar rules when it comes to what you can and cannot bring. As previously mentioned, it’s best to prepare for a 30 day rehab stay. Accredited treatment facilities will offer plenty of amenities to make you feel like home during your stay. Though it’s tempting to pack plenty of clothing, you’ll only need about one week’s worth of clothes, as laundry services will be included during your treatment. Toiletries will be provided, so there’s no need to pack these kinds of items. We recommend bringing items that will help alleviate temporary feelings of homesickness. Print pictures from your phone to bring with you, bring a few of your favorite books or books you’ve been wanting to read and bring a journal. Remember, that choosing an inpatient rehab is the best way to successfully overcome your addiction and start living the life you’ve always wished for.

Get Confidential Help 24/7

If you or a loved one are suffering with drug abuse or alcohol addiction, reach out to Flyland Recovery Network for addiction help.

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