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How to choose a drug rehab facility

When you decide to seek help and enter a rehab facility, the first thing you need to do is look for a rehab facility.  Not all rehab facilities provide the same quality of service. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. There are many different types of rehabilitations from which to choose and finding one might be overwhelming. Conducting research on rehabilitation treatments and establishing what you prefer beforehand will save time in choosing a facility. With all the rehab facilities near you, how do you choose the right one? Here are some tips to consider in choosing the right rehab facility for you.

Set your goals

There is no such thing as a universal best drug rehab facility. Every drug rehab center has its own specialties and treatment offering. In choosing a drug rehab facility, you must first decide on the primary factors such as type of rehab program–whether it’s outpatient or inpatient, cost, amenities, and number of treatments and therapies available. Knowing these beforehand will make the search quicker and more tailored to your needs.

In setting your goals, you must first reflect on your current state. Determining which aspects of your current life situation you want to concentrate on enhancing. Are there any behaviors you want to remove or improve? Knowing these would help you find a rehab facility. The next thing to consider is the timeline. What personal rehabilitation goals would you like to accomplish in the short-term and long-term?

These choices affect your next decision. The best way to make this decision is to research online resources about different types of programs, their costs and locations. Talking with other people who have been through the process can also be helpful. It might be useful to visit several facilities before making your final decision.

Compare rehab facilities

After you’re done setting your goals, the next step is to compare the available rehab facilities based on certain factors. The right rehab facility for you should be aligned with both your preferences and needs.

Type of Rehab Program (In-patient or Out-patient)

The first thing to consider is the type of rehab program. The choice will depend on the severity of your drug addiction. In-patient rehabilitation is more appropriate for more severe cases. However, a person who needs more supervision and guidance will benefit from in-patient rehabilitation. This type of rehab program will allow you to live inside the treatment center and be monitored by professionals throughout your treatment. On the other hand, an out-patient rehab offers less supervision. Individuals who enter outpatient rehab go to their homes and work or school after everyday therapy. There is a constant risk of encountering triggers with this rehab type. Strong will and determination is essential if outpatient rehab is chosen.

Available Treatments

One of the differentiating factors in the quality of rehabilitation centers is the available treatment. Multiple treatment plans were created for drug and alcohol addiction. There is a treatment program that suits everyone’s needs. A rehab facility that employs multiple treatments will be more beneficial since they can tweak their existing programs to give one that best fits you. It is ideal to choose a facility that uses evidence-based treatments because these have been proven to be effective on other people. Researching different types of treatments can help you have a basic idea of how they work. Knowing common treatments can help you determine which ones may potentially be beneficial for your case.

Location and Amenities

You may want to choose a rehab facility that is near your residence. Choosing a nearby facility provides you with convenience and ease of access especially for patients who need to frequent the rehab facility. However, choosing a distant center may be beneficial for those who want to find a new environment to heal. 

Aside from the location, it is also important to look at the amenities provided by the facility. The amenities provided by the facilities are often used as outlets in rehabilitation. Rehabs on the higher-end offer relaxing landscapes, swimming pools and gym equipment to further enhance the experience of the patients. However, facilities that offer more amenities are more expensive. If you’re applying for a rehab facility, consider if you wish to avail these perks.


Rehabilitation facilities have various prices. Each facility can range from free to a few thousand dollars. Recovery from addiction is a long-term commitment. Looking for a facility that is within your budget can make your rehabilitation more sustainable long-term. The price of the programs is often an issue with applicants. Government medical aid, private insurances, and personal loans are some ways to gather funds for your treatment.

Daylight Recovery Center: The Right Rehab

The right rehab will offer you more than just a comfortable place to stay and high-quality medical care. It should also provide access to some of the most advanced addiction treatment methods available today, as well as an environment that helps you feel secure and free from distraction. Daylight Recovery Center offers all that and more—which is why we’re your best choice for addiction treatment.

Our center offers in-patient rehabilitation and 24/7 monitoring and medical supervision from our licensed professionals. Our inpatient treatment program offers you a number of benefits, including:

  • Superior medical care– Our doctors are highly trained in treating addiction, and can regularly monitor your progress through frequent checkups and consistent monitoring.
  • Quiet surroundings– You’ll have a safe, calm environment where you can focus on healing without outside distractions or temptations.
  • Personalized care– Our staff includes expert addiction counselors who are familiar with your specific challenges and support you every step of the way.
  • A safe environment– You won’t have to worry about relapsing when you’re under our supervision. Our professional staff and 24-hour monitoring system ensure that you’re always protected from harmful actions.
  • Fun amenities– Treatment at Daylight Recovery Center is never boring! We provide different recreational activities to help you recover better. In our center, you can opt for books, video games, board games, and crafts. The local view of the beach will also help keep your mind calm.

If you are interested in starting your rehabilitation at Daylight Detox Recovery Center, you may contact us via our addiction hotline at [main_phone_number] for more information.

Get Confidential Help 24/7

If you or a loved one are suffering with drug abuse or alcohol addiction, reach out to Flyland Recovery Network for addiction help.

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