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6 Strategies for Preventing a Drug Relapse

Addiction is all around us. It is in our workplaces, our homes, and our families. Addiction treatment is available, and a better life is attainable!

Living in a time when we are forced to self-isolate to protect our health has brought additional stress to those who are fighting to stay clean and have already been through a successful drug rehab in Florida. Self-isolating is something we are experts at, which is what played a part in inevitably leading us down the path of addiction in the first place.

Regardless of our background, addiction does not discriminate and has a way of creeping in when we are at our most vulnerable – during isolation. We have seen this unfold before us over the last nearly two years – we eat more of the meals we had as children because it made us feel safe. Eventually, we notice our bodies change and feel ashamed. We developed these coping mechanisms so early that it no longer feels like a choice but rather just a part of who we are.

Today, we will discuss some strategies that can help prevent a drug relapse, so we can continue focusing on building the life we want for ourselves by reaching our goals and showing up for our most important relationships. If you need help, reach out today for 24 7 addiction intervention and addiction treatment.

Seek Help Early On

Drug relapses do not just happen. They happen gradually. A little slip here, a little setback over there. These micro-decisions can become harmful to us, so it is important to pay attention to our daily habits and behaviors.

Seeking addiction help immediately after we have relapsed can help put us back on track. The experts at Daylight Recovery Center can help us pinpoint the cause of the relapse and what we can do to prevent it from happening again. It is important not just to monitor what we do but why we do it. It is then that we can start addressing our problems head-on instead of merely managing the symptoms. Everything is under control until it’s not.

It starts out as a relapse, and we think this time will be different, but old habits die hard. It isn’t our fault; often, we see drugs as a way of helping us self-soothe when bad things happen. But, don’t try to stop your addiction alone. Daylight Recovery Center is here to help with addiction intervention before it grabs hold of your life again.


Therapy is not just lying in a chair and telling a person how we feel. In the moments that bring us to tears, we find ourselves uncovering when we developed harmful coping mechanisms to deal with our inner turmoil and why we do it. It isn’t our fault that we picked up these thought patterns and behaviors when we were younger and used them to help us survive in our environment. However, while it isn’t our fault what happened to us back then, it is our responsibility to heal ourselves and learn how to turn our most significant breakdowns into our most amazing breakthroughs. Count on the compassionate team at Daylight Recovery Center to help you continue moving ahead and staying sober.

Re-Create Your Environment

We cannot heal in the same place we got sick. Putting ourselves in an environment where we can succeed is crucial in forging a new life and identity. In new settings, we focus on building on the new and discarding the old without guilt. At Daylight Recovery Center, we help fill you with ideas to overcome and add more coping skills to your life.

Our environment plays a more prominent role in how we behave than we think. Creating standards and values that we abide by will keep us in healthy environments and help us quickly identify when we are in danger. While this may be simple, it is not easy. It is hard to let go of who we are in the present moment to fully step into the version of ourselves we can be proud of becoming. It can be uncomfortable and even lonely at times because we realize that when we are heading to a new destination, we can’t always bring along the people that have been with us at the beginning of our journey. At Daylight Recovery Center, we help you set routines and structures and learn how to better control the environment for your ultimate success.

Building Your Team

At Daylight Detox Recovery Center, we help you learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after getting sober. Having supportive friends, family, and a professional team along with a support group can be amazingly beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle after getting clean. These support groups can help us create a new identity for ourselves, which, in turn, help us begin showing up as the person we want to be. These groups also help give us a sense of belonging.

Vulnerability researcher Brene Brown says that “in the absence of love and belonging, there is always suffering.” It is when we find ourselves in pain and suffering where relapsing feels like the logical choice. Therefore, it is crucial to keep ourselves connected to those who are on the mission to support us and who can empathize or relate to what we are going through. That way, during times of distress, we never have to carry the weight alone.

The people we choose to be on our addiction intervention team will also keep us accountable when we begin falling off track. This may sound intimidating because who wants to be held accountable all the time? But, when we start to realize that these people are here to help us win the battle against addiction and only want the best for us, that intimidation quickly turns to gratitude.

Create A Relapse Prevention Plan

There is a reason there are escape plans and procedures for public emergencies such as fires and natural disasters. Preparation is key to being successful. During times of crisis, we cannot always trust our thoughts and urges. An after-care plan is part of a successful addiction treatment plan. Each after-care plan provided by Daylight Recovery Center in Florida is personalized on a case-by-case basis based on what each individual needs.

A Relapse Prevention Plan should have these components:

  • Triggers & Warning Signs: Knowing what our triggers are is the first step in beginning to control them. Triggers could be arguments with loved ones, rejection, or disappointment. Take time to think about the events that have led to abuse in the past.
  • Call On Your Team: You can’t get help and addiction intervention if you don’t ask for it. As soon as you feel the desire to use or you’ve been triggered, remember to call on your team. Make the call. Go to the meeting. Take action.
  • Take It One Moment at a Time: Be kind to yourself and remember that the best thing you can do is take things one moment at a time. Then, speak up and lean on your team to help carry you through. In moments of high stress and anxiety, we will always go back to our habits. That is why it is vital to maintain our recovery. The experienced team at Daylight Recovery Center is here to help 24 7 365 via our addiction hotline.
  • Work On Healthy Habits: James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, says: small habits transform us every day, and each action we make casts a vote to the type of person we want to be. This information can be relieving because it takes away from the pressure of needing to be perfect all the time and focuses on the importance of consistency.

Next, we are going to break down the steps James Clear outlines in his book Atomic Habits that will help us improve our habits:

Step 1: Noticing: The first step we need to take to re-invent our habits is to notice what our current ones are and compare them to the habits we want to fire and wire into our brains.

Step 2: Wanting: The second step is understanding why we want this change in our lives and how it will drastically improve our lives if we commit to the goals and continue to follow through.

Step 3: Doing: The third step is to begin to take action. Again, showing up imperfectly is far better than doing nothing. It is essential to be aware of the environment we are in. It is far easier to stay on track when our environment sets us up for success and limits temptation.

Step 4: Liking: If our actions cast votes to the type of person we want to be, that means that if we are making the right decisions most of the time, we are still creating massive change in our lives. When we feel like we are making progress in our lives, it motivates us to keep going and makes us proud of who we are, regardless of the trials and tribulations we have faced to get ourselves here.

Embrace The Unknown

Part of the reason relapse can be so tempting is that it is what we know and what is familiar to us. Embracing the unknown and believing that regardless of what we face, we will find a way to make it through without retreating to old habits is one of the bravest actions we will ever make in our lives. It is that same self-belief and micro-habits that will have us looking back six months from now and finding ourselves in a completely different place, where we are happier and healthier.

If you are struggling and need support, do not hesitate to seek addiction treatment at Daylight Recovery Center a drug and alcohol rehab in Florida.

Get Confidential Help 24/7

If you or a loved one are suffering with drug abuse or alcohol addiction, reach out to Flyland Recovery Network for addiction help.

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