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Drug Treatment Centers Provide a Safe Place for Sober Living

Published On: 28 December 2021

Recovering from drug addiction does not only need a steady stream of support and access to professional help. Having a safe and conducive environment is also a vital factor for recovery. For various reasons, among the 21 million Americans who need help, only 10% seek treatment. Some do not get withdrawal & treatment from proper facilities because of the stigma that comes along with entering a drug treatment center. There are also people who believe the perpetrators of false news about rehabilitation centers being a dangerous place. 

However, conducting drug addiction treatment at home poses more danger than entering a specialized rehabilitation facility. Improper treatment procedures can worsen a person’s current condition. Admitting oneself to a drug treatment center remains the safest and most effective step towards drug addiction recovery. Here are the reasons why drug treatment centers provide a safe place for sober living.

Drug treatment centers provide professional guidance

Drug addiction is a medical condition. Like other diseases, it should be treated with the help of medical professionals. In a certified drug treatment center, patients can be assured that licensed medical professionals are there to guide them through sober living. Consistent guidance and monitoring ensures a safe recovery for patients. The treatments provided to the patients are scientifically-proven to be effective. Each treatment program given by the center is custom-made and tailored to the patient’s needs.

Drug treatment centers provide a change in environment

Some drug dependents who want to recover from addiction may find it hard to do so in their current environment. It is common that drug users are cohabiting with fellow users. Attempting to abstain and recover from drugs in such an environment would be difficult. There is a high risk for the patient to relapse and worsen his current state. Drug treatment centers, especially those that are offering in-patient services, provide a drug-free environment which allows the patients to focus and helps in quick and effective recovery.

Drug treatment centers provide 24/7 security

To guarantee the safety of both the workers and the patients in the center, most sober living centers have 24/7 security available. CCTV cameras are installed in common areas where the patients gather to monitor the actions of the patients. This way, medical professionals and security guards can intervene when a commotion erupts. Entrances and exits are also secured with heightened security features such as safety locks and high quality doors. Guards are stationed on these entry points to patrol the nearby areas. Rooms where equipment and medicine are stored also have locks and safety features to prevent unauthorized access.

Drug treatment centers provide implement strict rules

For patients of drug addiction, a strict list of rules must be followed. Patients who undergo drug treatment have a series of prohibited items they are not allowed to come in contact with. Drug treatment centers will provide appropriate interventions to stop patients from being in contact with these prohibited items.

In limited instances when centers allow visitors, they make sure that visitors are aware of the dos and don’ts of the center. During visitation hours, treatment centers carefully scan through the belongings of visitors to make sure they do not carry prohibited items into the center. Visitors are also briefed on the prohibited terms and topics before they converse with the patients.

Drug treatment centers are safe and non-discriminatory.

During drug treatment, patients enter their most vulnerable states. The pain and hardships that come with the recovery process can make anyone weak. When patients come into treatment centers, they entrust their lives with the staff. The people working in drug treatment are aware of the changes drug treatment can bring. This is why workers in the center are trained to be empathetic towards individuals undergoing treatments. Everyone is treated fairly with compassion. Discrimination does not have a place in drug treatment centers. Every patient is provided the same quality regardless of the severity of their addiction, religion, color, and financial status.

The journey to sober living is a long and difficult process. To properly recover from drug addiction, it is crucial to have determination, peer support, and a safe drug-free environment. A drug treatment center like Daylight Recovery Center can help provide the needs of sober living aspirants. Our center is a safe space for everyone who wants to recover from addiction. At Daylight Recovery Center, we make sure everyone is treated fairly with compassion. We make sure our center is safe for both the patients and medical professionals in it. Contact our addiction hotline at 1-877-566-3869 today to start your recovery.

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