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Methamphetamine Treatment & Withdrawal

About Meth Treatment

Methamphetamine is a highly dangerous illegal drug. A combination of it’s cheap price and highly potent properties make it extremely addictive. Classified as a recreational drug, it is a powerful stimulant that triggers the body to stay awake for an extended period in short bursts, but it can also have more adverse effects in the long run. 

Its long-term effects include brain damage, violent behavior, paranoia, and hallucinations. The effects of meth happen in short bursts which is why users use meth repeatedly in succession and is one way in how they build a strong reliance on the substance. 

Even if an individual has built a reliance on the drug, it can still be remedied with meth treatment. The primary goal of Meth treatment is to remove the harmful substance within the system, restoring the body’s normal function and preventing the substance from further damaging the body.

Effects of Meth Abuse and Meth Withdrawal

Just like other kinds of substance abuse, meth abuse is far-reaching and negatively impacts both a person’s mental and physical health. Some physical effects manifest themselves as cold sores and muscle spasms. Due to meth giving users a burst of alertness and energy, side effects can also arise from a lack of sleep, rest, and nourishment. This includes explosive irritability, paranoia, and poor memory, concentration, and coordination.

Once a person tries to stop using Meth, their body reacts to the sudden disappearance of the drug in their system. Some physical meth withdrawal symptoms include headaches, dry mouth, fatigue, and a lack of appetite. Since the process of withdrawal is also very psychological, the meth withdrawal symptoms also affect a person emotionally. This means facing the possible challenges of depression, low energy and motivation, and an increased appetite for meth during the duration of their meth withdrawal.

Daylight Detox is a Meth Withdrawal Treatment Center

The number of deaths caused by meth addiction continues to be alarming — the way meth alters the chemical make-up of the brain adds to the danger of the drug. For this reason, Daylight Detox offers Meth withdrawal treatment for the victims of the deadly drug. As a meth treatment center, it aims to help its patients through cognitive-behavioral therapy and comprehensive monitoring within the facility that aims to remove the deadly substance inside their body and recover from it. In addition, this meth treatment center also provides extensive care for patients suffering from the side effects of Meth to give them long-term care and prevent relapse.

We provide a safe Meth withdrawal schedule

Meth withdrawal symptoms are among the worst side effects of all substance abuse, as even short-term usage symptoms already pose a huge threat to the person’s health. Due to the substance being naturally potent, Meth withdrawal treatment does not happen within a short period. Instead, Daylight Detox provides patients with a safe Meth withdrawal timeline, as the Meth treatment programs are designed to supply the adequate treatment within a realistic and attainable timeline. Every patient is different which is why the schedule can vary from one another. The  duration and strictness of the Meth withdrawal treatment plans depending on the severity of the damage caused by the substance.

The best Meth withdrawal treatment programs

As part of the institute’s commitment to being the leading addiction treatment provider, Daylight Detox offers the best Meth withdrawal treatment programs available. The team behind Daylight Detox is dedicated to providing patients with the care and support they need in dealing with Meth withdrawal through high-quality healthcare services and the finest therapy programs, ensuring that they become physically and mentally prepared with their exit from Meth abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Meth withdrawal last?

Meth withdrawal typically lasts up to one (1) month, but for some, it could last even years depending on several factors, such as the person’s health and length of use. For the average person, symptoms of Meth withdrawal usually fade around two (2) to three (3) weeks, with remaining symptoms of Meth withdrawal fading over the upcoming months.

What does Meth withdrawal feel like?

The process of Meth withdrawal is highly uncomfortable, as your body is adjusting to the chemicals no longer being present in your body. After your initial high of intense energy, you start to feel lifeless, suffering from extreme fatigue and sleepiness with continuous anxiety throughout your Meth withdrawal timeline.

What are the symptoms of Meth withdrawal?

Symptoms of Meth withdrawal are all classified as severe, such as depression, psychosis, paranoid, hallucinations, and intense Meth cravings. All of these are serious and need to be taken care of immediately.

When does Meth withdrawal start?

Signs of Meth withdrawal start around one (1) to two (2) days of last use, with symptoms persisting for up to twenty-one (21) days. The first forty-eight (48) hours of Meth withdrawal is the worst, where the body is at its all-time low, from the decline of energy, cognitive function and accompanied by physical symptoms like nausea and excessive sweating. Since the body’s withdrawal from the drug, Meth craving starts to intensify, and symptoms linger for an extended period.

What is withdrawal from Meth?

Meth withdrawal is the process of stopping the use of Meth and removing it from your system. Once your body no longer detects the harmful chemicals inside your body, you start to feel the signs of Meth withdrawal. This process is accompanied by acute symptoms that can deteriorate your health when not treated properly.

What helps Meth withdrawal?

The symptoms of Meth withdrawal can be very agonizing, especially during your crash, which is the first few days of your Meth withdrawal. Daylight Detox serves as your companion in your recovery. We provide you the opportunity of getting rehabilitated from one of the most dangerous and addictive substances ever made with the help of our leading therapy services that ensure you get the care and support you need.

What is inpatient Meth treatment?

Inpatient Meth treatment provides patients with comprehensive care for Meth abuse and is for patients that deal with the severe symptoms of Meth withdrawal. They are treated within the facility, ensuring that Daylight Detox provides immediate aid against severe symptoms of Meth withdrawal.

What is outpatient Meth treatment?

Outpatient Meth treatment is a treatment program by Daylight Detox that provides Meth withdrawal treatment to every patient without being admitted within the facility. This is for patients that are diagnosed to face lingering Meth withdrawal symptoms but need extra care like therapy to prevent relapse.

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