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Crystal Meth: What to know

Addiction to illicit drugs remains one of the world’s major issues, and it will continue to be a difficult task to completely rid the globe of this menace. One of the oldest problems in the world involves a drug that a lot of young individuals fall prey to. In this article, we will look into …

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Vitamins for Opioid Withdrawal

The opioid epidemic has been at the forefront of society’s concern for years due to its rapid growth and difficulty to handle. In 2016 over 40,000 deaths were due to opioid overdose, which is almost the same amount as deaths from breast cancer. The opioid drug group includes both prescription and street drugs that block …

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How to Prepare for rehab

Anyone who’s struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction can relate to how difficult it is to the habit for good. For most, it can take several attempts to achieve, and maintain sobriety. The thought of entering an inpatient rehabilitation facility to address your drug and alcohol dependency can be anxiety provoking, but the reality …

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How to stage an intervention

Watching someone you love suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol is heartbreaking. You are likely exhausted, frustrated and at your wits’ end. You know that your loved one needs professional help in order to put an end to addiction, but you’re not sure what to do. It may be time to stage an intervention. …

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Addiction in the LGBTQ community

Addiction on the rise in the lGBTQ community Our nation is currently facing a modern-day health epidemic. No, I’m not talking about obesity or heart disease. I’m referring to our nation’s drug epidemic. Though everyone is at risk to the disease of addiction, those in the LGBTQ community are particularly vulnerable. Why is it that …

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