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You're taking a giant leap to realize you need help. Let us commend you on your first step toward freedom from addiction. Intervention is individualized because we know that not every therapy or medication works for every person. You have a story, and none of us really fit in the proverbial box. Your story matters, and at Daylight Detox Treatment Center, we realize being where you are with your addiction was never a goal. We have an embracing attitude and are eager to help you discover what works best for you to achieve freedom with sobriety.

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loved one

Helplessly watching a loved one suffer from the disease of addiction is a tragic and indescribable kind of pain. People suffering from addiction find it extremely difficult to get help on their own. We have a welcoming environment to help your loved one encounter a lifestyle free of substance abuse. Daylight Detox Treatment Center has helped many people that were addicted to substances overcome their addictions and experience freedom in sober living.

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Even though you feel alone, more people are struggling just like you than you'd ever realize. You do not need to be isolated while changing your life and getting addiction help. Your recovery begins the moment you take this first step. You'll receive an individualized addiction treatment plan based on your specific needs. Your confidentiality matters and is a priority as you overcome your drug dependency. Take the first step, and you'll find client-focused drug rehab in Florida at Daylight Detox Treatment Center.

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About Daylight Detox

Admitting to having an addiction is a giant leap in the right direction. Daylight Detox Treatment Center is a comprehensive, fully licensed medical drug and alcohol detox center in Florida. We understand that when someone takes the first step and gives us a call, they are at a crossroads, and this is where there's a life-changing opportunity where healing can begin.

You may feel alone or alienated from family and friends due to the effects and symptoms of your addiction; we want you to know that our rehab center's staff offers many years of experience with the disease of addiction. In addition, several members of the Daylight Family are in addiction recovery themselves. We believe for one to make a full and lasting recovery, an addiction treatment plan that focuses on the individual's entire mind, body, and soul is the key to achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Our rehab center in Florida provides a relaxing, inspiring, and distraction-free environment to encourage focus, healing, and recharging to prepare for the new normal of sober living. Our expert team of medical professionals will ensure that all your recovery needs are met. Our treatment process includes three levels of care: assessment, stability, and aftercare.

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Specialized Treatment Plans

Our advanced approach to drug rehab and addiction intervention and treatment strengthens individuals on the move toward recovery. Daylight Detox Treatment Center offers comprehensive treatment tailored to each patient's specific situation and needs. We consistently treat others the way we wish to be treated, always with compassion, care, and respect.

Intervention is individualized because we know that not every therapy or medication works for every person. At Daylight Detox Treatment Center, we help you discover what works best for you to achieve freedom with sobriety.

Anyone struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD) or drug abuse already knows how difficult it can be to recover in isolation. We've heard it before, and it indeed takes a village or teamwork to make the dream work. Each one of us needs connection, each other, community, and support.

Daylight Detox Treatment Center is compassionate, caring, empathetic, and highly knowledgeable in addiction intervention treatment. As a drug treatment center in Florida, we are ready to help you achieve freedom in living a sober lifestyle.

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the daylight way

Daylight Detox Treatment Center takes a different approach to treating substance abuse. First and foremost, we treat each patient with the care and compassion they deserve. Essentially, when you choose Daylight Detox Treatment Center for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you become part of the Daylight Family.

We pride ourselves on having "old-fashioned" values, which seem to become more and more rare. We follow the Golden Rule of treating others the way we wish to be treated. Our professional team at Daylight Detox Treatment Center is empathetic and highly knowledgeable in addiction treatment. As a drug treatment center in Florida, we are ready to help you achieve long-lasting sobriety, just like we've helped hundreds before.

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Admitting to having an addiction is a giant leap in a direction to make a positive difference in your life! So let's get the help you need and deserve.

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Daylight Recovery Center 24/7 Addiction Hotline

If you or a loved one are suffering with drug abuse or alcohol addiction, reach out for addiction help at Daylight Detox Recovery Center in Florida. Our drug addiction hotline is available the moment you are ready to get addiction intervention and alcohol addiction help. Take a step toward becoming sober when you call us any time of day or night, even on holidays. Whether you are curious if you have an addiction problem or you have hit rock bottom, we’re here to anonymously and confidentially provide addiction help and discuss drug rehab and alcohol treatment options. If you love someone who you suspect is experiencing symptoms of drug abuse or alcohol addiction, or you know they are experiencing drug abuse or an alcohol problem, we’re here to support you as you work toward helping them find sobriety and a better life.

Our drug addiction hotline is continually staffed with a knowledgeable and compassionate team that understands drug addiction and alcoholism and wants to provide addiction intervention and help you take a step toward finding a brighter future. You’ll find caring and supportive professionals answering the phone when you call the drug and alcohol addiction hotline. Each call is confidential, and we listen, answer your questions, provide information and options to move forward with an addiction treatment plan to find medical detox, rehab, and healing at our alcohol addiction and drug treatment center in Florida.

Daylight Detox Recovery Center provides a variety of alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment plans, and each one is customized depending on your drug abuse or alcohol addiction and circumstances. Medical detox, rehab, outpatient drug treatment plans, and comprehensive inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment options are available at Daylight Detox Recovery Center in Florida depending on your unique situation and needs. Calling our drug and alcohol addiction hotline for addiction help is a courageous first step. We believe you can end addiction with help and support. Daylight Detox Recovery Center is here to support you and make you as comfortable and safe as possible as you begin the journey of becoming free from alcohol and drug addiction. We can help you discover sober living and a healthier future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drug Addiction Treatment Center?

A drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is a facility that provides addiction treatment for substance use disorder. With personalized care for medical detoxification (detox) and rehabilitation (rehab), a center for alcohol and drug treatment can consist of either inpatient or outpatient care. 

A drug addiction treatment center is a place that provides 24/7 care to live-in patients and offers other solutions for outpatients. Some inpatient programs are held in ordinary hospitals, but addiction treatment is more typically provided in a comfortable, home-like drug treatment center that is dedicated to providing personalized and well-rounded addiction recovery programs. A drug treatment center near you can range from a cozy and modern residential environment to a luxurious facility with additional features and amenities.

The benefits of inpatient care at a Florida Drug Treatment Center include a supportive community, meals, and around-the-clock medical care. Medical detox and rehabilitation can be completed in a safe environment with qualified staff on hand. Anyone dealing with a severe substance addiction will benefit most from inpatient treatment at a drug treatment center in Florida. However, it is not fitting for everyone. A drug addiction treatment center near you may offer outpatient care. One size does not fit all, and the experts at Daylight Recovery Center will review options with you after you call and talk with them.

An outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in West Palm Beach provides specialized care while allowing patients to continue living at home. Outpatient addiction recovery programs at drug treatment centers vary in format, and some are more intense than others. These outpatient recovery programs in West Palm Beach are tailored to individual needs and circumstances. 

Daylight Recovery Center is a residential facility that provides care, treatment, and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from addiction and abuse of substances offering inpatient and outpatient programs customized to your unique situation. If you believe you or your loved one has a substance addiction, contact us today to learn how to make a difference and take a step toward addiction intervention, freedom from substances, and a better quality of life.

What is an Alcohol Treatment Center?

Alcohol treatment centers began a long time ago. Addiction is not new, nor is addiction treatment. Tobacco, Cannabis, and Opium poppies have been around for thousands of years. Likewise, the use of alcohol can be traced back to the beginning. 

When was the first drug and alcohol treatment center?

  • In the 1700-1800s, Native Americans used native healing practices to treat alcoholism. 
  • Homes for the fallen (inebriate homes) opened in the 1850s in Boston. 
  • In 1901, Charles B. Towns Hospital opened an alcohol abuse hospital where affluence alcoholics received addiction treatment. 
  • The first federal treatment center opened in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1935. 
  • The Veterans Health Administration began developing alcoholism treatment centers in 1957 throughout its VA hospitals. 
  • The Halfway House Association was founded in 1958. 
  • The Lincoln Recovery Center was founded in the 1970s. 
  • The Betty Ford Clinic was founded in 1982 as a center for alcohol and drug treatment.

Modern-day approaches to alcohol addiction at an alcohol treatment center is far different from what someone struggling with alcohol abuse decades ago would have experienced.

Today, the alcohol treatment centers provide the very best of successful approaches combined with modern luxuries and proven treatments to provide patients with a safer and more comfortable experience and a customized treatment plan for recovery.

Daylight Recovery Center is an alcohol treatment Center in Florida

and residential facility that provides care, treatment, and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from addiction and abuse of substances, offering programs customized to your unique situation. We tailor each alcohol treatment plan to the patient’s comfort, offering round-the-clock care with personalized amenities and a professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate team.

If you are suffering with a substance addiction, contact our West Palm Beach, Florida Alcohol treatment Center today to learn how to make a difference and take a step toward addiction intervention, at an alcohol treatment center near you to find freedom from substances and a better quality of life.

What Is A Drug Rehab Center?

A drug rehab center provides numerous possibilities for addiction treatment for anyone struggling with addiction to a substance to help you get back on your feet. High-quality treatment varies case by case and may be inpatient or outpatient and short-term or long-term. A drug rehab center in Florida will typically consist of a personalized combination of therapies to help you take your life back.

A drug rehab center is a treatment facility devoted to treating the disease of addiction and working step by step toward full recovery with you or your loved one. There are many types of Florida drug rehab centers that offer different environments, addiction treatment options, levels of care, and custom curated approaches.

A drug rehab center offers a place for someone struggling with addiction to live while receiving addiction treatment on-site at our facility. Inpatient care is frequently the best choice for most people enduring addiction. It takes you away from the everyday triggers and provides you with professional support and a knowledgeable team of experts.

The primary benefit of inpatient addiction intervention is that it immerses someone stepping toward ending addiction into the recovery process. Everything they do every single hour is related to recovery. Through daily therapy, activities, and learning how to be sober, you learn to replace substance abuse with healthier habits discovering a better life. Outpatient care is available in some cases, depending on the situation.

Drug Rehab West Palm Beach, Florida

At Daylight Recovery Center, we provide many options, and out-of-the-box care as there’s no one size fits addiction treatment method for an intervention. We care about the whole person and your unique story and personalize your plan based on you.

Contact us today to get started on discovering your better life with sober living.

What is a drug rehab?

Drug Rehab can be overwhelming because of its stigma and misconception where people tend to see it as a bad thing. However, drug rehabilitation serves as a platform to seek help. The psychological treatment given to drug addicts is known as drug rehabilitation. It assists the patient in overcoming substance abuse as well as process abuse. The treatment primarily consists of specialist counseling, depression medication, and spiritualization. Residential treatment, local support groups, extended care centers, recovery residences, and outpatient programs are available at drug rehabilitation centers. According to the principles of effective drug recovery treatment, no single treatment is suited for all. 

Although, rehabilitation is one of the most challenging tasks that an addict must complete. Rehabilitation centers offer treatment that is easily accessible. Rehabilitation programs must work in close contact with the patient, providing various options such as local support groups and extended care supports. Therapy efficacy is dependent on a patient’s ability to stay in treatment. Aside from this, counseling and other forms of behavioral therapy are essential components of rehabilitation. Medications are also an integral component of treatment for many patients, and potential drug usage must be carefully monitored during treatment.

We are a wholly certified medical drug rehab center in Florida. To prepare for the new normal of sobriety, our rehabilitation facility in Florida offers a peaceful, inspirational, and distraction-free atmosphere. Do not hesitate to contact us when you are ready to begin the process of recovery.

What is drug detox?

When someone is addicted to alcohol or drugs, they will likely need to go through a detoxification (detox) treatment as the first stage in their recovery. Detoxification (detox) is the process of cleansing one’s body of drugs or alcohol taken. Drug detox is used to safely manage withdrawal symptoms when someone quits using drugs. Everyone’s detox experience is unique. The type of drug taken and the duration of time it was used impact how detox will go.

Physically ill people will find addressing any underlying mental health issues challenging. The goal of detox is to address the physical aspects of addiction as a first step, preparing patients to address the psychological aspects of their addiction as part of an intense addiction rehab program. We are a reputable drug detox facility. We well understand the difficulties of someone attempting to quit using drugs.  So for every one of our clients who has placed their trust in us, we meticulously create a good drug detox program. We think that everyone has the right to live soberly and should have the opportunity to experience sobriety. If you are someone who needs drug detox, we will gladly assist you and help you live a sober life.