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Daylight Detox and Recovery Center West Palm Beach FL is a comprehensive, fully licensed, medical drug and alcohol detox, tailor made to fit the needs of anyone who has found themselves with a chemical dependency. On our Alcohol & Drug Treatment site you can find information on all of our clinical, administrative and medical staff, as well as a breakdown of what to expect when you or a loved one starts the recovery process.

In the last decade, an opioid epidemic has sprung up and has quickly become the number one killer of young people in America. Families and communities are being destroyed at an alarming rate, but there is hope because recovery is possible. Here at Daylight Detox Treatment Center South Florida, we hope to help those suffering see the light at the end of the tunnel and take the first steps in turning their life back around.  We take pride in providing the most compassionate and effective treatment methods and modalities to those experiencing a substance use disorder. Our West Palm Beach Alcohol Detox Rehab offer detoxification and residential programs, focusing on the unique needs of each client.


All About Daylight Detox & Drug Treatment Center West Palm Beach Florida

The drug epidemic is the crisis of our generation. Families and communities are being destroyed by alcohol and drug addiction. See the light at the end of the tunnel with Daylight Detox Recovery Center & Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL. We take pride in providing effective treatment care to those suffering from the disease of addiction. Daylight Detox Treatment Center in West Palm Beach FL also has special programs that are focused on the unique needs of our clientele. We believe the addiction treatment recovery process starts with healing. Our Treatment Center in West Palm Beach focuses on healing the entire individual; mind, body, and soul. Our setting for recovery is safe, comfortable and encouraging. It gives clients serenity as they learn how to experience life again- free of drugs and alcohol addiction.

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Levels of Care

Our Drug Rehab in South Florida offers three levels of care in our current addiction treatment continuum. Clients will start with the Detox process and continue on through our Residential ...

Alcohol & Drug Detox Programs

All of our drug detoxification programs here at Daylight are made with intention to alleviate the suffering caused by the drug addiction in a safe and comfortable setting.

Specialized Therapies

Daylight Detox in believes that each and every client has unique needs so having an individualized treatment program is crucial to starting a successful new life in recovery.
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