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Licenses and Accreditations

Licenses and accreditations

Daylight Recovery Center is a nationally-recognized substance abuse treatment center. Our team of dedicated medical professionals have help countless people, like you, break free from the shackles of addiction. Daylight provides detox and residential levels of care to those struggling with addictions to drugs or alcohol. Achieving accreditation makes a strong statement to our community about our facility’s efforts to provide the highest quality services.

Daylight Recovery Center has been awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of approval. This accreditation recognizes Daylight’s dedication to excellence in care, patient safety, and best practices. Joint Commission accreditation is widely recognized and respected as a mark of distinction across the health care community and across the nation by state agencies, insurers and payers, referral sources and families. Treatment Centers awarded the Joint Commission accreditation demonstrate patient safety and quality of care issues are at the forefront of standards and initiatives.

We Welcome The Chance to Serve You

You will discover our philosophy is deeply grounded in dignity, compassion, innovation and long-term success. We believe the parents and loved ones are an integral part of each patient’s recovery and that it is our duty to provide the tools and education to live a fulfilling life, free from the restrictions of substance abuse.

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