Levels of Care

Daylight Detox believes in providing individualized care for our clients. We offer a detoxification program as well as a customized residential treatment program in our levels of care continuum. We believe that each individual has an unique personality, background, as well as underlying issues that cannot be addressed without having an individualized treatment program created specifically for their needs and goals. We have a Future Focused Proactive Planning aspect to our case management that gives our clients the hope to leave treatment on the right path.

At Daylight Detox and Recovery Center, we strive to stand as a leader in the addiction treatment industry by putting our client care at the highest level of importance. We offer free insurance verification to every individual inquiring about their treatment options. We know how devastating the disease of addiction can be, not only to the individual but also to the family and loved ones of those living in active addiction. We strive to make the process of seeking help for substance abuse and addiction as smooth as possible.

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