Daylight Recovery Center Staff

At Daylight Recovery Center we take pride in having a highly experienced team providing evidence-based addiction treatment care for our patients. Our team works in a positive, strong and family-like system. When a patient is in our care, they will feel like they are a part of our family, because they are. Many of our core members have very personal experiences with addiction and recovery and can relate closely to what our patients, and their loved ones are experiencing and feeling.

Mo Wehbe

Medical Provider PA-C

Jason Tuszynski

Executive Director

Cynthia Seeley

Clinical Director

Jacque Dobbs

Director of Business Strategy

Alejandro Pino

Case Manager

Steven Ching

Alumni Coordinator

Amanda Chilleme


Dulce Flores

Group Facilitator

Adrienne Lewis

Director of Nursing

Pat Valentino

Executive Chef

Chris Delgado

Behavioral Health Technician

Shmee Tuszynski

Security Officer

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