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How does drug rehab work?

Drug rehabilitation is a treatment that seeks to help people addicted to substances to receive the proper medication and support they need to recover from their addiction. Addiction treatment programs take different forms, depending on the needs of the individual patient. For some people, an outpatient rehab may be most appropriate for their schedule. For others, a residential drug rehab center may be best. Inpatient drug rehab centers like Daylight Recovery Center provide 24-hour supervision and support, and often include detox services if necessary. A lot of drug addicts want to avail drug rehabilitation services but do not know how it works. Although each drug rehabilitation treatment varies, each shares a standard routine of therapies. 

What does drug rehabilitation involve?

Rehabilitation is not about harsh penalties for drug use. Rather, it’s about providing an environment where individuals can focus on staying sober and working on their recovery in a safe and supportive environment. At Daylight Recovery Center, we offer an inpatient rehabilitation program that provides a serene environment for recovery. Our medical professionals and staff are eager to help individuals who want to get out of drug addiction. They are hands-on in providing quality care and support for everyone who needs them.

Treating drug addiction involves more than just stopping drug use. It also involves learning healthy ways to cope with stress, negative emotions, and life in general. We provide counseling and therapy sessions to help prepare our patients for a sober life.

Typical day in rehab

Daylight Detox Recovery Center provides a structured schedule for our patients. Our professionals create a holistic schedule filled with activities that will benefit our patients’ well-being and recovery.

Morning: A typical day in drug rehab starts early. Our patients rise up in the early morning to prepare for the day. All meals are provided by Daylight Recovery Center. We make sure that our patients are served with healthy and balanced meals during their stay. Providing a healthy meal at scheduled times will boost out patients’ help that will help with their recovery.

After breakfast, our patients undergo individual therapy and counseling in the morning. Our therapists use different therapy methods to help our clients with their issues. During our individual therapy sessions, we will address the mental health issues that our patients may have. We evaluate how our patients respond to their triggers and teach them new and better ways to respond.

We also have group therapy sessions at Daylight Recovery Center. Other than the support provided by our counselors, we want our patients to get support from other people who are on their way to recovery. Each of our clients have their own experiences and realizations that can be beneficial for their co=patients too. During our daily group sessions, our patients will learn from their peers.

Peer relationships are formed through bonding, and one of the best ways to bond is through food. Patients at Daylight Recovery Center share their meals together like a family. Our food is prepared in-house to assure that everyone receives the proper nutrition they need.

Afternoon: After lunch, our patients get to have their free time. Entertainment outlets are provided by the center. They can also form bonds with their peers during this time. During leisure time, our patients are free to engage with hobbies they enjoy doing. They are free to do what they wish as long as it does not violate our center’s rules. Patients who undergo in-patient treatment are usually not allowed to go outside while they are part of the program.

Some of our patients may undergo specialized treatments to address other issues they may have. These treatments will help them feel better and let go of existing emotional baggage. We treat the core issues that may have led to addiction in the first place: low self-esteem, childhood abuse or neglect, depression, anxiety, relationship problems or anger management problems.  We provide them with a better coping mechanism to their problems. We also offer meditation, yoga, and massage as alternative treatments.

Evening: In the evening, our patients once again join together for a meal. Our small community in the center forms bonds and support systems through social activities like this. We strengthen their bonds by providing group discussions in the evening. During group discussions, our patients are free to speak their mind and share insights about their journey. It is a sharing activity that allows our patients to reflect on their peers’ process along with their own. This way, they can learn from each other and give advice that may help their fellow patients. 

Lastly, before our day ends, we give our patients free time before they go to bed. They can choose to use this with their peers in the center or have some me-time. After their scheduled free time is done, our patients will go to bed and prepare for another day tomorrow. 

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