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Can I Get Sober Without Rehab?

After you have admitted that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol and are ready to improve your life, your next step is to choose how you are going to do so. Of course, the go-to method for addiction recovery involves medical detox and treatment. However, you may be reluctant to ask for help, and you may be tempted to try to get sober without rehab. 

Addiction is a complex and devastating condition that has many different causes, characteristics, and treatments. DIY methods at getting sober are rarely successful. The only way to fully recover is by receiving individualized care that focuses on treating your specific needs. But, is that possible to do without rehab?

Why Are Some People Tempted to Get Sober Without Rehab?

People refuse to go to rehab for many reasons. Their family members may beg and plead for them to get help, only to be met with plain refusal for any kind of treatment. Some of the most common reasons why people may want to try and get sober without rehab are:

  • The cost of treatment – Research shows that the minimum amount of time recommended for successful treatment is 90 days.[1] However, the longer you spend in rehab, the more expensive it can become. People who have limited or no health insurance or those who must self-pay for rehab may be reluctant to go because of the cost of rehab. Fortunately, there are many low-cost, sliding scale programs available. And, all insurance providers are required to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment.
  • Poor experiences with rehab in the past – If you have been to rehab before and feel as though treatment didn’t work, you may view rehab as a waste of time. Or, if you had a bad experience with a staff member, you may be tempted to get sober on your own. Sadly, getting sober without professional help is rarely effective.
  • Unwilling to admit to having a problem – Denial is a common characteristic among addicts and alcoholics. You may believe that your addiction isn’t that bad or that you can get sober without going to rehab. The truth is addiction is a powerful and cunning illness that always needs professional treatment.
  • Fear, anxiety, shame, or embarrassment – All of these difficult emotions can make it hard to seek help. You may be scared to try something new, anxious about getting sober, and embarrassed to tell your loved ones you need help. Know that anyone who truly cares about you will support your decision to get help because they want you to get better.

Ultimately, none of these reasons are legitimate enough to avoid getting the help you need. No matter how motivated you are to do this on your own, you need to accept professional help.

Things to Consider When Thinking of Getting Sober Without Rehab

Trying to get sober at home or without a rehab program can be risky and even dangerous. Although you may not be ready to commit to a treatment program, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks of DIY rehab solutions.

Cold-Turkey Detox Can Lead to Life-Threatening Withdrawal Symptoms

The first step towards sobriety is also one of the most dangerous. When you first quit using drugs and alcohol, your body will go into an adjustment period where you experience withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of withdrawal often include anxiety, depression, cravings, sweating, chills, and body aches. While these are not life-threatening, they can be difficult to cope with alone. 

When your withdrawals get too powerful and cravings too strong, you may not have the support you need to continue on your journey. If you are alone in your recovery efforts, you may pick up a drink or a drug simply to cope with your symptoms.

Additionally, some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. Alcohol and benzodiazepines can produce seizures, delirium, hallucinations, and more. Opioid withdrawal can cause severe psychological symptoms. Regardless of what you are detoxing from, detoxing cold turkey is always dangerous. You should always detox in a medical facility.

You’re Going to Need a Lot of Support in Early Recovery

The earliest days of recovery can also be the most challenging. You must learn how to navigate life without relying on drugs and alcohol. If you choose to try and get sober at home, you may not have adequate support to help you grow. 

Cravings can be powerful and they can last for weeks and months after withdrawals end. By going to rehab and getting sober there, you ensure you are always surrounded by supportive and sober individuals who can help you maintain your recovery.

Getting Sober at Home Can Be Unsuccessful and Lead to Relapse

While it may seem tempting to get sober in the comfort of your own home, doing so also means you will be in a familiar environment that may be full of triggering people, places, and things that make you want to use substances. This familiarity can make it difficult to stay strong and overcome your cravings.

Rather than trying to get sober at home without rehab, you should find an addiction treatment program that is new to you. A fresh environment will allow you to focus on the changes you need to make now rather than the things you wish you could change in the past.

Long-Term Recovery Requires Uncovering the Underlying Causes of Your Addiction

Recovery is about more than just putting down the drugs and alcohol. It involves shedding your addicted identity, treating underlying conditions, and learning how to cope in the future. Many people who struggle with addiction do so because of things like anxiety, stress, depression, or trauma. If you get sober at home, you won’t have access to the comprehensive evidence-based care offered in rehab. 

While in treatment, you participate in a variety of different therapies and interventions to get to the bottom of your problems. This helps you heal fully and begin a new life — one that is absent of drugs and alcohol.

Find a Rehab Center in West Palm Beach That Meets Your Needs

Admitting to having a drug or alcohol dependency is a giant leap in the right direction. It is only then that a person is ready to get the help that they need and deserve. 

Daylight Recovery Center is a comprehensive, fully licensed, medical drug and alcohol detox and recovery center. We understand that when someone takes the first step and gives us a call, he/she is at a crossroads. Usually, all options have been exhausted and the feeling of hopelessness has sunken in. It’s at this moment you have chosen to make a change and Daylight Recovery is here with open arms. 

Don’t face the risks of trying to get sober at home without professional help – call now to find a rehab near you.

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