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4 Signs You Need Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the United States. It is socially acceptable at parties, BBQs, and get-togethers and it is also a way for workers to unwind after a long day on the job. However, not everyone has a healthy relationship with alcohol. Some people abuse alcohol, get addicted to it, and experience painful withdrawal symptoms that make quitting extremely difficult. If you are someone who has become addicted to alcohol, you may feel hopeless and alone. Alcohol detox centers in West Palm Beach provide the care and support you may need to begin your recovery from alcoholism.

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous?

Some substances are more dangerous to detox from than others. Since alcohol is legal for people over the age of 21, a common misconception about it is that it is relatively safe. However, the truth is that alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to detox from.

The most severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are delirium tremens (DTs). DTs consist of seizures, hallucinations, and extreme confusion. People who drink heavily or those who have been addicted to alcohol for more than 10 years are at risk of experiencing DTs. Without medical intervention, DTs can be fatal. Even in non-fatal instances, DTs can cause long-term physical trauma and metabolic issues.[1]

Other reasons why cold turkey alcohol withdrawal is dangerous include the risk for dehydration, vitamin deficiency, and relapse. Regardless of how long you’ve been drinking or how heavily, it is always safest to detox in a medical facility.

4 Signs You Need Alcohol Detox

Not everyone who has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol has allowed that relationship to progress to the point of physical dependency. Once a person is physically dependent, they experience withdrawal symptoms when they don’t drink. However, early withdrawal symptoms can be mistaken for other health problems, and some people don’t stop drinking long enough to go into withdrawal. So, how do you know if your alcoholism is bad enough to warrant going to detox? Here are 4 signs you should go to an alcohol detox in West Palm Beach.

1. You Keep Drinking to Avoid Getting Sick 

Alcohol is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant that slows down brain function and impacts the way nerves send messages back and forth. It also slows down other bodily functions, such as breathing and cognitive functions. As time goes on, the brain and body get used to working in this relaxed state. And, when alcohol levels suddenly drop in the body, the brain returns to an overactive state during which it tries to adjust back to not having alcohol.[2] This adjustment period is referred to as withdrawal.

Do you obsess over having enough alcohol in your home so you don’t get sober enough to experience withdrawal? Or, is the only way you can function normally is to have alcohol in your system? If you are continuing to drink simply to avoid feeling sick with withdrawal, you should check in to an alcohol detox center in West Palm Beach.

2. You Wake Up With The Shakes

One early symptom of alcohol withdrawal is shakiness or tremors. People who are addicted to alcohol often wake up with shaky hands, a symptom commonly referred to as “the shakes.”

Tremors are caused by issues in areas of the brain responsible for controlling the body’s muscles. Although alcohol impacts body movements while a person is drinking, alcohol abuse continues to affect this area of the brain even when alcohol is removed from the body. As a result, people who are in alcohol withdrawal may experience shaky or unsteady hands and body tremors.

Do you frequently wake up in the morning and notice your hands are shaking or trembling until you have a drink? If so, you are in need of alcohol detox services in West Palm Beach.

3. You’ve Experienced Seizures in the Past When Quitting Drinking

Nearly 2 million Americans experience alcohol withdrawal each year, so the effects of alcohol abuse and cessation on the body are well-known. Studies show that withdrawal seizures are more common in patients who have a history of multiple episodes of detox or withdrawal.[3] As such, if you’ve had seizures before during withdrawal, you are at high risk for having them again.

Medical detox centers can administer medications like benzodiazepines and beta-blockers that can alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and prevent seizures. If you have ever had seizures or other withdrawal complications in the past, it is dangerous for you to go through withdrawal alone. Instead, an alcohol detox center in West Palm Beach can help.

4. You’ve Had to Increase Your Alcohol Intake Over the Years

Alcohol dependence almost always exists alongside a growing tolerance. Tolerance describes what happens when the body gets used to having alcohol in the system. Someone who used to get drunk on two drinks will eventually need to increase their alcohol intake to continue feeling the effects. The higher your tolerance gets, the more risky detox will be because your body has adjusted to having certain levels of alcohol in the system. If you’ve found that you are constantly needing to increase your alcohol intake, you may need detox.

How Alcohol Detox in West Palm Beach Can Help

Alcohol detox centers offer around-the-clock medical care and support so you can stay safe, comfortable, and unharmed during withdrawal. Doctors can prescribe detox medications and staff can provide emotional support. With 24/7 supervision, nurses and doctors are prepared to intervene in the case of an emergency. As a result, detoxing in a medical facility is, by far, the safest way to sober up from alcohol.

Here at Daylight Recovery Center, our medical detox program provides a warm and compassionate environment designed specifically for patient comfort during the medical detox process. And, for added comfort, All meals are cooked from scratch by our onsite culinary chef. Each room has its own private bathroom and each bed comes equipped with its own flat-screen TV. Exercise and gaming equipment are available to use at your convenience. If you prefer a calmer, quiet setting, feel free to curl up and read a book from our large collection or gaze upon our 450-gallon saltwater fish tank. Our alcohol detox in West Palm Beach has everything you need to begin your recovery journey.

To learn more about our medical detox program or to get started with your recovery, give us a call today.

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