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2022 New Years Resolution for Addiction Recovery

The start of a new year is always an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and an evaluation of all of the events that transpired throughout the previous year. It is here where being critical and aware of our patterns and our inclinations can be a big help in planning for the year ahead. For people who are on their way to recovery, this means reflecting on what worked for them and what did not work when they were working on breaking free from their addictions.

A popular tradition during the New Year celebrations is to draw up a list of things that you would like to change or would like to continue doing. This is what is referred to as a New Year’s Resolution. Oftentimes the people that are especially detail-oriented would have plenty of specific objectives on their list while some people may just have general goals that they would like to achieve.

Either way, having a successful resolution requires plenty of careful planning and consideration of what’s to come in the future based on the previous events from the last 12 months. For those recovering from substance abuse, it is important to pay attention to the factors that can trigger a relapse and which factors also help to strengthen resolve and what can help to fortify the decision to persevere to a complete recovery.

If you have yet to decide on a resolution or if you have a loved one who is currently recovering from alcohol addiction, here are a few ideas to help get that New Year’s Resolution started. It is also important to keep in mind that everybody is in a different stage of recovery, so there are things on this list that they might have already accomplished. People also heal in different ways so what is applicable to one person might not be applicable to another. The most important part is making sure that a willingness to help does not cross the line into forcing somebody to change but to facilitate their healing with understanding and compassion. With that in mind, here are some suggestions.

This Year, I will be more open to my friends and loved ones

While it is true that alcohol addiction can be a very personal struggle, the people around us can directly influence how well we can cope and recover. If we are surrounded by warmth, positivity, and proper moral support, it takes away some weight from the mental load of dealing with the different difficulties of sobering up. 

Having friends and family who are also knowledgeable and understanding with alcohol addiction is also really helpful because they can spot signs and symptoms that even you might not be able to spot at first glance. Being open to constructive and well-meaning criticism is also an important trait to have. Humility can go a long way when it comes to making progress. If we learn to let people in and allow them to give us support, we are also strengthening ourselves in the process and recruiting more allies in our journey of sobering up.Resolving to opening up and allowing supportive friends and family into your inner-circles will give you a support system.

This year, I will be more honest with myself

Even if we have the support of family and friends, we can forget the importance of personal accountability. There won’t always be someone to keep watch on us or to hold us accountable 24/7. This is when discipline and honesty to oneself is most important. We have to be able to reflect on our actions and admit to ourselves when we have made mistakes. It is only by owning up to our actions will we be able to nip the problem in the bud. By resolving to be honest to ourselves, we are taking our destinies and our futures into our own hands.

This year, I will go easy on myself

A journey isn’t about choosing the right choices every step of the way. Not everything in life will be drawn out neatly in a map to lead you straight to where you need to go. There will often be unforeseen obstacles, changes in plans, and delays that can throw you off the path that you’re on. If we give in to despair every single time something changes or if there’s a bump in the road, we are just making things harder for ourselves. 

To err is human, afterall – accepting this fact will allow us to be more flexible in how we get to where we want to be. By resolving to go easy on ourselves, we acknowledge that we are human and that we deserve forgiveness, compassion, and understanding from others but most importantly, from ourselves.

This year, I will get proper, professional help

Having the option to fight our battles alone also means that we have the opportunity to get proper, professional help. There are many aspects to alcohol addiction and the subsequent recovery from it. There is a long list of alcohol abuse symptoms and the long-term and short-term effects of alcohol abuse as well. If we choose to get help, it’s always best to choose reputable and reliable alcohol addiction treatment centers such as Daylight Detox. At Daylight Detox, you are able to receive cutting edge treatment with a medical staff that prioritizes your needs as a patient. You can start getting more information about Daylight Detox by calling the addiction hotline for drug and alcohol rehab at [main_phone_number]. By resolving to get professional help, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make a full recovery.

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