What Is A Medical Detox?

A medical detox takes place during addiction treatment, it is the first initial step towards living a life clean and sober. A medical detox takes place at a treatment center that is staffed with medical professionals, so there is access doctors, a full clinical staff, and nurses that are trained to help clients deal with the unpleasant effects of withdrawals. Without the proper medical supervision, withdrawal symptoms are extremely unpleasant, dangerous, and in some cases life-threatening. A medical detox is highly recommended in order to start the recovery process successfully.

What Happens During A Medical Detox?

During a medical detox treatment program the individual will go through a physical withdrawal from the substances that were being abused. Symptoms vary depending on what drugs are being abused, the amount, and how long the drug abuse has been taking place. The most common substances that require a medical detox are alcohol, prescription opiates, prescription benzodiazepine, heroin, methadone, and a few others.

For prescription opiates, heroin, and methadone the detox process includes being tapered down from the harmful substance. The taper includes replacing the addictive drugs with a custom medication plan specific to the client’s individual needs. During the medical detox the individual will have 24/7 access to medical care and supervision.

The detox period is a fragile time because the individual will be experiencing extremely intense feelings of discomfort. The detox is draining emotionally as well as physically. At Daylight Detox and Recovery we believe in treating all aspects of the individual- mind, body and soul. During the medical detox, not only will the individual have medical care, but also therapy to manage the unstable emotions that come from the withdrawal process.


Why Choose Daylight Detox and Recovery Center’s Program for Medical Detox?

At Daylight Detox and Recovery, our clients are our number one priority. We believe that each individual has unique needs and this is the reasoning that each addiction treatment plan is completely customized.

A medical detox is the first level of care in our addiction treatment model. Daylight Detox and Recovery’s Program believes in providing our clients with the tools and therapy they need in order to successfully overcome their addiction. In Daylight’s treatment model, we offer all levels of care for those who suffer with addiction.

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