Stephanie Rajewski

Behavioral Health Technician

Born and raised in Stuart, Stephanie is a native to the sunshine state. Serving as a Behavioral Health Technician, Stephanie is both CPR and AED Certified. Growing up with parents suffering from addiction, Stephanie has seen firsthand what addiction does to loved ones. This was the catalyst that made Stephanie choose a career in this industry. Her desire to help others achieve recovery, coupled with gaining a better understanding about addiction and the recovery process, makes her a perfect fit for the Daylight Team. When Hurricane Dorian grazed our coasts, she made the best of the situation by staying at the facility and partaking in a karaoke session with coworkers and patients to pass the time. “It was a hoot of a time! We were all laughing and just really enjoyed being goofy.”, she recalls. Working at Daylight Recovery Center has taught her not to judge others as you never know what someone else is going through. She also credits her work at the center for helping her rebuild her relationship with her mother. When not working, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, boating, snorkeling, essentially anything that has to do with the water. She also has a passion for going to flea markets, thrifting, reading and going to the movies – anything that involves spending time with her daughter.