Pastor Patrick Trindade

Director of Spiritual Care

A true Floridian, Pastor Patrick Trindade was born and raised in West Palm Beach. In the mid 1980’s, he found himself in the grips of addiction and hit rock bottom, which is where he began his recovery journey. Patrick felt a calling towards Ministry and decided to pursue this calling by completing a 3-year intensive training in Biblical Theology and Pastoral Care at Maryland Bible College and Seminary. Upon completing this program, he returned to South Florida with a dream to open a Church which focused in the areas of addiction and spiritual wellness.

Patrick is the Pastor of Recovery Church in Lake Worth, FL and is also an Ordained Minister with Florida Men of Integrity. He is licensed under the Christian and Missionary Alliance, as well as a licensed Biblical Counselor. For over 30 years, Pastor Patrick has focused ministry on addiction, recovery and biblical counseling. As Daylight Recovery Center’s Director of Spiritual Care, Patrick recalls, “As one who has personally struggled with addiction, I was so moved by others who had selflessly gave themselves to help me and love me, even when they didn’t know me. I was compelled to pay it forward.”