Jason Tuszynski

Executive Director

Originally from Wisconsin, Jason came down to South Florida seeking sobriety. After successfully completing treatment, he is now celebrating six years of sobriety. Before making the decision to move to South Florida, he was miserable. He found working in mutual funds, managing clubs and restaurants was not good for him. After achieving recovery himself, and falling in love with helping others, he decided that a career in the substance abuse industry was the perfect fit for him. Serving as Daylight Recovery’s Director of Business Strategy & Development, Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration and is a Certified Addiction Professional. As someone who loves helping those in need, he finds working in the substance abuse industry particularly rewarding stating, “There’s nothing better than getting a call from a parent saying the child they used to know is back.” Whether he’s receiving a hug from someone who he calmed down, sitting with a patient to simply listen to their story or receiving a call from a patient 60 days after discharge stating they’re doing great, Jason’s “Daylight” stories are never ending. A firm believer in the power of meditation and God, he emphasizes the importance of taking care of one’s self, “I’ve learned you need to pay attention to yourself and where you are at. We can get caught up in helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves. I always set time aside for meditation and payer in order to maintain my connection with God and family.” Jason is as active as one can get, enjoying golf, softball, shooting firearms, volleyball, jet skiing, attempting to surf, hiking and playing with his sheltie puppy named Shmee.