David Waldman

Operations Manager

Hailing from South Jersey, David’s move to South Florida wasn’t necessarily by choice, but more of an attempt to find sobriety himself. David has made the journey through treatment and rehabilitation and is enjoying five years of sobriety. After building a network of sober individuals to help him along his journey, David fell in love with the people and beauty of Florida. Serving as Daylight Recovery Center’s Operations Manager, David is certified in CPR, HIPAA, First Aid, Aggression Control, De-escalation, Fire Safety, Workplace Diversity and Infection Control. As someone who once was in and out of treatment centers, he offers a unique perspective to the Substance Abuse Treatment Industry from his firsthand experience. The most rewarding part of David’s work is when he sees or receives a call from someone doing well after treatment at Daylight Recovery Center. As part of the South Florida recovery community, David sees former patients frequently, and enjoys catching up with them and seeing the positive transformation they have experienced. After almost four years working in the recovery field, David follows wise words from his father, “Do what you love, and you’ll never feel like you’re working.” David is an avid gamer who is quite competitive, admitting that he yells at his TV from time to time if he loses against his opponent. David also spends a lot of time with the community in order to help others achieve recovery as they did for him.