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Residential Treatment Program – Daylight Recovery Center

Daylight Recovery Center’s Residential Treatment Program

Our residential treatment program serves as the next step in the recovery process after the Detoxification Program. This occurs after a client has detoxified completely and is no longer required to have around the clock medical stabilization. Daylight’s Residential Treatment Program utilizes highly-trained physicians, assistants, and qualified nursing staff to ensure the client’s needs are met and comfort is maintained. Clients are under 24-hour care, daily therapeutic sessions, access to community support groups and individual therapy. Clients will be at peace at our luxury facility.


Managing withdrawal symptoms is vital to a successful residential program.

Even if the withdrawal process is not a medically required detox, the mental and spiritual needs during a drug detoxification can be an extremely uncomfortable. A quality clinical team are needed during this fragile time for the individual during their first few weeks in recovery.

Daylight Recovery Center’s Residential Treatment Program is the level of care that is used for patients who do not require a true medical detox, but still should be stabilized and under 24-hour supervision. Each and every concern of our clients are met and addressed in accordance to our model of treatment here at Daylight. This is made possible by our high ratio of staff to clients. We stand true to our beliefs that it takes clinicians, support groups, individual treatment and successful planning in order to start a productive life in recovery.

Why Choose Daylight Recovery Center for Residential Treatment

At Daylight Recovery Center, we believe in providing top-level, professional care for our clients. We understand that each individual has unique needs and correspondingly each addiction treatment plan is completely customized. Daylight Recovery Center believes in showing our clients the light again by providing them with all the tools to live a productive life in recovery.

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