It’s not unusual for couples to need addiction treatment. When both people in a relationship are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can make achieving sobriety difficult, but not impossible. It’s important that both members in the relationship are ready to receive help. If one partner seeks treatment, and the other partner continues to abuse drugs or alcohol, it makes achieving long-term sobriety for the partner seeking help nearly impossible. Subsequently, the partner who seeks treatment will often relapse upon returning home to their partner. Therefore, it’s imperative that both partners receive treatment for their substance abuse.

Addiction Treatment for couples is hard to find

Couples who abuse drugs or alcohol together are in a particularly difficult situation because the substance abuse can cause significant damage to the relationship. Even the most committed couples struggle with day-to-day issues and adding substance abuse to both parties further exacerbates these problems. Prolonged drug or alcohol abuse results in personal, professional and financial complications. When both members of a relationship suffer from the effects of substance abuse, the consequences can be devastating. Consequences may include mortgages get foreclosed upon, vehicles get repossessed, jobs are lost, and children may be removed from the household. Sadly, many treatment facilities do not offer addiction treatment for couples. At Daylight Recovery Center, we recognized the urgency that couples suffering from addiction face and welcome them with open arms. We understand that couples who receive substance abuse treatment together significantly increase their chances of achieving long-term sobriety. When couples work towards the same goal, great things happen.

Addiction is a complicated disease that preys upon underlying issues, and when working with couples, what could be fueling one member in the relationship’s addiction may not be the same as the other member. The caring and compassionate team at Daylight Recovery Center takes treating addiction personally. Many of us have achieved sobriety ourselves or have close friends or family members who fell victim to the disease, resulting in the formation of a family-like atmosphere. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves just co-workers, we’re a family – the Daylight Family. Our medical professionals take a particular interest in families and maintaining healthy and happy family dynamics. We customize each treatment plan specifically for each patient, and a couples addiction treatment plan is no exception. Our experienced medical and clinical team will focus on specific issues for each member of the couple in addition to addressing the issues affecting the couple’s relationship. By utilizing a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with motivational incentives, we have seen many couples successfully achieve long-term sobriety. CBT includes private, couple and group therapy sessions, counseling, coping tools and relapse prevention. Motivational incentives include science-based, integrative services such as massage therapy, meditation, chiropractic, auriculotherapy and nutrition education.

Nationally-recognized treatment programs

Selecting the right substance abuse treatment center is not an easy decision to make, especially if you’re seeking treatment for couples. The Daylight Family is honored that you are considering treatment with us. When new patients walk through our doors, it’s our priority to make them feel comfortable. Our state-of-the-art center offers a quiet, safe and relaxing environment designed to help couples succeed. Our smaller facility provides one of the industry’s highest staff to patient ratios, enabling our medical and clinical professionals to provide the individualized care that are patients need and deserve. Patients enjoy amenities such as dedicated flat screen televisions for each bed, Chef-inspired meals made from scratch, a comprehensive recreational area, outdoor patio, exercise equipment and a stunning 450-gallon saltwater fish tank. By providing a relaxing environment, patients are able to focus completely on themselves and the recovery process without the distractions from the outside world. Upon discharge, patients appreciate the fact that they will always be considered part of the Daylight Family. Our alumni team stays in touch to make sure the transition home went smoothly and to offer support should you or your partner need it. We’re here to help during the difficult times as well as celebrate with you during times of happiness. By filling out our admission form, you and your partner are taking the first step toward a fulfilling life of sobriety. For immediate help, please call us directly at 888-708-2602. Remember, couples can reach recovery together and live a life free from the confines of addiction.