drug and alcohol rehab for Professionals

Finding the right rehab for professionals is not easy. Many professionals suffer from addiction in silence due to the negative stigma that society has placed upon those struggling with an alcohol or drug dependency wishing to go to rehab. First, addiction does not discriminate against age, gender, race or socioeconomic status – anyone can become a victim of addiction. In fact, a substantial amount of people struggling with substance abuse have excellent careers, many of which are in positions of authority (Bienvenu, 2017). They are professionals who often have families, strong relationships with friends and colleagues and reside in affluent communities. Those suffering from addiction who fit this description are known as “high functioning” substance abusers. On the outside everything looks great, but deep down the person is in a great deal of pain, and it’s only a matter of time before the addiction begins to negatively impact the person’s life.

The fact is it’s impossible to sustain a healthy and functional life when you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, many find this out the hard way. It takes a DUI, divorce, losing custody of children, losing a job or getting arrested for someone to address his/her problem. Don’t let this be you. It’s not a sign a sign of weakness to seek treatment for an alcohol or drug dependency, regardless if you’re a high-level executive. On the contrary, it’s a sign of strength and honesty. It shows that you have acknowledge that there is an issue that’s causing you and your work to suffer and you’re seeking rehab for professionals. Attempting to discontinue a drug or alcohol addiction from home is both dangerous and likely to fail. It’s in a person’s best interest to seek rehab under the supervision of licensed medical professionals. This will ensure the patient’s safety during the detox and rehabilitation process.

Daylight Recovery Center is a state-of-the-art treatment center that provides a calm and serene environment, perfect for those wishing to focus completely on themselves and rehab. Our small 30-bed facility provides the privacy that professionals look for when going to rehab. Our highly structured client-specific treatment plans provide the perfect balance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with motivational incentives. Should a patient experience any withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process, our medical team may provide medicine to alleviate any temporary discomfort. CBT includes private, couple and group therapy sessions, counseling, coping tools and relapse prevention. Motivational incentives include science-based, integrative services such as massage therapy, meditation, chiropractic, auriculotherapy and nutrition education. There is no specific time period for detox and treatment as there are many factors that determine how long a patient will need. Patients need to remember that achieving sobriety is not a race, but rather a marathon that requires training and commitment. The important thing to remember is that no matter how long it takes for one to achieve sobriety, it’s a huge and necessary accomplishment that will prove invaluable to your personal and professional career. Unfortunately, many professionals do not seek rehab due to fear of damaging his/her career.

Thankfully, there are laws in place to protect those needing rehab that are concerned about their careers. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal program, which allows employees to take unpaid leave from work for serious medical conditions. Employers must comply with this law and employees are to be reinstated to the same or equivalent position after taking FMLA. Since addiction is recognized as a disease, those seeking treatment for addiction may take time off from work under FMLA. This relieves a lot of worry many business people face when they’re seeking rehab for professionals. It’s important to remember that although FMLA is unpaid, the cost of continuing an addiction comes at a much higher cost.

As a professional looking for treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, the team at Daylight Recovery Center understands that privacy is extremely important, and we are honored that you are considering treatment with us. Our treatment center is discretely located and offers all the comforts of home. Each bed has its own dedicated flat screen television, meals are prepared from scratch by our onsite Chef, our recreational room offers a variety of games and books for our patients to enjoy, an outdoor patio area to relax and breathe in fresh air and a 450-gallon saltwater fish tank that one can spend hours gazing upon. By filling out our admission form, you’re taking the first step towards a fulfilling life of life-long sobriety. Our highly trained admissions coordinators are happy to explain the treatment process with you and answer any questions you have. Take comfort in knowing that many are in recovery themselves and are able to relate to your struggle. For immediate help, please call us directly at 888-708-2602. We can help you reach recovery and live a life free from the shackles of addiction.

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