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Vicodin Detox Program

Daylight Detox and Recovery Center is the ideal place to be if you’re experiencing advanced opioid addiction. Depending on the substance that you’re using, the recovery process can be difficult and uncertain. By resorting to specialized assistance, your chances of coming out clean will grow exponentially.

If you’re having problems with Vicodin addiction, now’s the perfect time to join our Vicodin detox program. We offer high-end rehab services, along with comprehensive therapeutic support and aftercare. You may not know it, but opioid addiction is a progressive and potentially deadly disorder. The recovery process isn’t a walk in the park either.

To ensure the success of your rehabilitation, you’ll want us by your side. We offer a different approach, compared to your ordinary detox clinics in the business. We treat patients holistically, providing:

  • Advanced medical services
  • Psychotherapies and emotional healing strategies
  • Lifestyle improvements
  • Relapse prevention mechanisms
  • Family support
  • Education

Although substance addiction may seem like a straightforward disease, it’s more than that. It doesn’t just affect your mind, but your body, your spirit, and your social life as well. To reverse the damages, we have adopted an in-depth approach, based on:

Treating the body – The first thing we do is get you through the detoxification process. This is where we contain your cravings, stabilize your condition, and help you move past withdrawal. It’s the stage that begins the recovery process, since it allows your body to flush out the toxins, and slowly recover from the damages.

Restoring the psychological functionality – When talking about prolonged opioid addiction, your mind will suffer just as bad as your body, if not more. Our Vicodin detox strategy includes the psychotherapeutic support as a critical mechanism in stabilizing your condition. Our psychologists will help you regain your confidence, grow your self-esteem, and become more positive and resolute about reaching your goals.

Emotional and spiritual healing – If you’re a victim of Vicodin addiction, your spirit may already be broken and wounded. Opioids will distort your view of the world around you, making you see everything in darker colors. We want to change your perspective and brighten your world once more. For that, we offer family counseling sessions, group and individual counseling, recreational activities, and social education and support for years to come.

If you struggle with Vicodin addiction, use our hotline today! It all starts with one phone call.

A new beginning for a new life

The withdrawal is a living hell. It may take up to several months in the worst cases, and it can deliver immense levels of suffering and pain. Our Vicodin detox program saves you from that torment. We’re a caring family of professionals, looking to bring some hope and joy into people’s lives.

Substance addiction is a vicious disorder that ruins the hopes and dreams of all those involved. At Daylight Detox and Recovery Center, we offer you salvation. Call us, tell us your story, and let’s set you up for an appointment!