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LGBTQ Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a huge problem in today’s society, it does not discriminate. Addiction is a problem regardless of race, region, or social status. It tears families apart, ravishes cities, and has recently been declared a state of emergency across the entire nation.

For those who self-identify as homosexual, transgendered, bisexual or anyone else in the LGBT community, addiction rates have been higher than the average for a number of years according to the American Psychological Association.


The Importance of Specialized Programming for LGBTQ

Many of those in the LGBTQ community have experienced discrimination at one point or another in their lives. It is important that a treatment program for addiction is specialized to the client’s specific needs, for those who self-identify as LGBTQ there are many issues they deal with during the rehabilitation process and after that need a truly individualized care plan.

Specific issues that are addressed in LGBTQ drug rehabilitation treatment may include:

  • Dealing with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and guilt that can stem from sexual orientation/gender identity
  • Managing responses from society concerning discrimination
  • Accepting self identity and “coming out”
  • Learning how to cope once back in society dealing with the gay club scenes and peer pressure

Daylight Detox’s LBGTQ Programming for Drug Addiction

Our goal at Daylight Detox is to make sure that all of our clients are comfortable, safe, and content while receiving top notch treatment for their alcohol or drug addiction. We respect each and every client and ensure they are receiving the same respect from their peers.

All clients that come through our doors at Daylight Detox and Recovery Center are roomed with the gender they identify with. Clients will be surrounded by encouragement, compassion and kindness from not only our staff, but other clients as well.

Our therapy programs specialize in any co-occurring disorder that an individual may experience along with their addiction, whether that be depression, OCD, or anxiety (to name a few). Along with co-occurring disorder treatment, clients also participate in one on one therapy with a licensed therapist, peer group therapy facilitated by a licensed therapist or case manager, relapse prevention therapy, drug addiction education, and many other unique therapies that are individualized to each client’s needs.

Start A Life in Recovery Today with Daylight Detox and Recovery

If you or someone you know identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community and is struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction, Daylight Detox and Recovery Center is the best choice for quality rehabilitation. Fight back against addiction today with the help of Daylight.

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