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Daylight Detox and Recovery Center offers a couples rehab program that is specifically designed to address the difficulties that arise when both partners of a married couple experience addiction simultaneously. Read on to find out how we can help and contact us today to receive the healing and support both of you deserve. Situations where both partners in a married or unmarried couple are suffering from addiction often become so dysfunctional that recovery for either one can seem impossible. Achieving recovery is difficult enough when it’s contained within a single individual, but when both partners look to one another for support and see only a mirror image of their own suffering, the rate of descent can be devastating. Fortunately, we can help. 








Fortunately, in addition to our individual treatment plans, Daylight Detox and Recovery Center also offers a program that specializes in treating addicted couples. Although it does include some necessary overlap with the principles and methods that drive all of our programs, couples rehab at Daylight is centered on the specific obstacles that addicted partners face.


Our alcohol and drug treatment for couples is a comprehensive program that guides both partners through all the phases of the early recovery process. It includes individual, couples, and group therapies, as well as relapse prevention modules that cater to the needs of romantic partners trying to maintain recovery. Couples leave out facility healthy, hopeful, and well equipped for long term recovery. Please contact us today and let us start to help.



We offer three levels of care in our current addiction treatment continuum. Clients will start with the Detox process and continue on through our Residential Treatment Program, before integrating back into society with our Intensive Outpatient Program.


All of our drug detoxification programs here at Daylight are made with intention to alleviate the suffering caused by the drug addiction in a safe and comfortable setting.


We believe that each and every client has unique needs so having an individualized treatment program is crucial to starting a successful new life in recovery.

Amenities Include:

Daily Support Groups | Luxury Living Quarters | Private Room Options | Gourmet Food Kitchen with 24 Hour Accessibility | Smoking Permitted