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Aetna Drug Rehab

Daylight Detox and Recovery Center welcomes you for a comprehensive and well-rounded rehab experience that will change your life. We’ve been in the business for decades, and we know firsthand what drugs can do to the victims and their families. We know that your body, as well as your spirit, may be broken, but you must not lose hope.

Our Aetna drug rehab program is your salvation. Although drug addiction has no known cure, there are ways to manage the disorder and live a normal, fulfilling life as a result. To help the patients recover and remain sober for the rest of their lives, we use a different approach than your regular detox clinics. Our holistic strategy revolves around the three core principles of human health – mind, body, and spirit.

As such, our rehab strategy focuses on:

Cleansing and restoring the body’s functionality

Prolonged drug addiction will leave its mark on your body’s ability to function correctly. Many victims of drug addiction will become malnourished, apathetic, and anti-social, which, in return, will take a toll on their physical health. Our goal is to snap you out of this state and restore your physical health.

For that, we have a team of nutritionists, clinicians, and therapists to assist you in every way possible. Your body needs to recover from the damages, and that’s a process that requires professional supervision. We’ll guide you through a personalized detox procedure, aiming to help you overcome the withdrawal, after which the recovery phase will begin. Nutrition, fitness, physical therapy – all these will play a vital role in getting you back on your feet again.

Strengthening the mind

Our Aetna drug rehab program focuses on restoring your cognitive and emotional functioning more than anything else. Drug addiction is, by definition, a mental prison. You cannot break free without having a professional guiding you along the way.

Under our care, you will be able to:

  • Become emotionally and mentally stable
  • Grow more confident and determined to succeed
  • Experience a boost in self-esteem
  • Better control your behavior and cravings
  • Develop long-term goals and put all your energy in achieving them, etc.

Our purpose here is not only to help you break free from addiction but become a better version of yourself altogether. Check our blog or talk to us directly for more info on our rehab strategy!

Uplifting the spirit

The terrifying thing about drug addiction is that it darkens the world around you. It’s not uncommon to see victims of drug addiction developing anxiety, anti-social behavior, and depression along the way. At this moment, you may feel like there’s no joy left in the world; nothing to satisfy you or give you some comfort, peace, and pleasure, outside the substance itself.

Join our Aetna drug rehab, and we’ll prove you wrong! Here, you will discover life’s little pleasures, as we’ll help you bond with other people, discover new hobbies, and see life in brighter colors. Daylight Detox and Recovery Center is open around the clock specifically for people like you. Come and join our family today!