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Viceland docuseries “Dopesick Nation” takes a look at the local drug epidemic in South Florida. Allie Severino stars on the show helping get people clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. On the show she was able to help over a dozen drug users get off the streets and into addiction treatment programs.

Viceland’s Number 1 ranked show’s main host is a South Florida native who is providing education and training to local communities.

Even after the end of season one, she still continues to help those suffering from addiction. Allie recently has become certified in Mental Health First Aid Instruction and will be offering four classes at no charge to those in her local community per year. She will also be offering training classes to first responders, police, and other government officials.

Allie, representing the non-profit organization “Stigma Free” will focus on aftercare aspects for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. She will be collaborating with people and organizations nationwide who are hoping to stand in the fight against addiction and the stigma that surrounds addiction. If you would like more information on the Mental Health First Aid Course or an exclusive interview with Allie Severino, please visit her website at

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