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Fun Activities to Try in Sobriety

When I speak to some people in active addiction one of their top fears about getting sober is boredom! Idle hands are the devil’s playground after all and many feel that without a hobby or active social life they will ultimately return to drug use out of routine habit. To combat this fear we’ve compiled a list of activities that can keep a person busy whether alone or with friends. Using drugs and alcohol everyday is a habit, it’s part of a person’s routine. When entering recovery the most essential task is practicing and implementing a new routine.

1) Arts and Crafts: It doesn’t matter if your paintings look like a picasso or a toddler; if you like to get crafty- go on pinterest, pick a project, collect the needed materials, grab a friend if you’d like and start! There is always room for improvement. Many people find art to be therapeutic. Focusing on a project allows your mind to slow down and zone out.

2) Yoga: This is another activity that can be therapeutic. It feels so good to stretch and relax one’s body especially after a long day behind a desk. It’s also a fantastic way to start the day. Almost anyone can do yoga (even if they doubt themselves). Most people make progress pretty quickly which feels good and builds confidence.

3) Plant a garden: Another therapeutic activity. Gardens have to be nurtured and taken care of regularly. This is a great hobby for people that like to be outside or love to cook. Watching something grow from a seed to beautiful flower or ripe tomato is definitely rewarding. In treatment common advice is to “ take care of a plant before getting into a relationship” because like relationships, if ones going to keep a garden alive there needs to be commitment.

4) Join a recreational sports team: This is a great extracurricular for building new friend groups. Often in early recovery we’re trying to change people, places, and things. What better way to find a new playground and playmates than joining a kickball or softball team! Physical activity also builds confidence and stamina while also releasing endorphins that fight off stress and depression.

5) Take a class: It’s never too late to learn something new! Whether it’s getting a G.E.D., taking college classes or a sewing class knowledge really is power. Many recovering addicts find a renewed love for learning because they never fully committed or cared while in active addiction. Education allows people the freedom to start businesses or find a job in a field their passionate in. Also like most positive activities it builds confidence.

6) Volunteer: Do a quick google search for volunteer positions available locally. Many animal lovers enjoy volunteering because there are many positions available at local animal shelters. Beyond that there are soup kitchens, homeless shelters and a multitude of other nonprofits that need help. When a person volunteers it creates humility which is integral part of growing spiritually. 

8) Fitness: An obvious but sometimes dreaded option. Fitness or working out doesn’t have to be painstaking. No gym membership needed! Swimming, jogging, push ups, squats,yoga, hiking, skating, bike riding; these are all examples of exercises one can do from home. A gym membership will allow access to more machines and classes but if the money isn’t there, find a little spot in a bedroom or outside and make it into a workout area.  

9) Read: The average adult reads about about three books a year while the average CEO reads four books a month! Reading doesn’t only enrich ones written and verbal skills but it’s also a fantastic way to escape the real world for a moment- oh and it’s not addictive…physically at least! Many people suggest reading to fall asleep as well, so for early sobriety insomnia pick up a book!

10) Cook: The first great thing about cooking is that it’s more affordable than eating out every night and people are always hungry! Have friends over and do a potluck or meal prep lunches for the week! If a garden was made, put all those juicy tomatoes into a nice sauce.  Don’t feel bad if a steak comes out more like a hockey puck or the cake didn’t exactly rise like it was suppose to – practice makes perfect!

11) Groupon: There are so many activities that can be found online at a discount, just imagine every Friday night for the next year could be planned. From skydiving to go-kart racing, massages and arcades there are activities for everybody. 

The world isn’t full of just bars and strip clubs there is a whole planet filled with oceans and mountaintops out there to explore and enjoy. Being sober gives us the ability to now take advantage of all the world has to offer! That’s one of the most significant freedoms sobriety offers; the freedom of choice. The freedom to love yoga, to help animals, to plant a garden to do none or all of these things is freedom. Enjoy it!


Written by: Allie Severino