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Daylight Detox & Recovery Center:

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The drug epidemic is the crisis of our generation. Families and communities are being destroyed by alcohol and drug addiction. See the light at the end of the tunnel with Daylight Detox and Recovery Center. We take pride in providing effective treatment care to those suffering from the disease of addiction. At Daylight Detox and Recovery Center we offer three levels of care in our drug rehab center treatment model. We also have special programs that are focused on the unique needs of our clientele. We believe the addiction treatment recovery process starts with healing. We focus on healing the entire individual; mind, body, and soul. Our setting for recovery is safe, comfortable and encouraging. It gives clients serenity as they learn how to experience life again- free of drugs and alcohol addiction.


We offer three levels of care in our current addiction treatment continuum. Clients will start with the Detox process and continue on through our Residential Treatment Program, before integrating back into society with our Intensive Outpatient Program.


All of our drug detoxification programs here at Daylight are made with intention to alleviate the suffering caused by the drug addiction in a safe and comfortable setting.


We believe that each and every client has unique needs so having an individualized treatment program is crucial to starting a successful new life in recovery.

Amenities Include:

Daily Support Groups | Luxury Living Quarters | Private Room Options | Gourmet Food Kitchen with 24 Hour Accessibility | Smoking Permitted