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Welcome to the Daylight Detox and Recovery Center

The drug epidemic is the crisis of our generation. Families and communities are being destroyed by drugs and alcohol. See the light at the end of the tunnel with Daylight Detox and Recovery Center. We take pride in providing effective treatment care to those suffering from the disease of addiction. At Daylight Detox and Recovery Center we offer three levels of care in our treatment model. We also have specialty programs that are focused around the unique needs of our clientele. We believe the recovery process starts with healing. We focus on healing the entire individual; mind, body, and soul. Our setting for recovery is safe, comfortable and encouraging. It gives clients serenity as they learn how to experience life again- free of drugs and alcohol.

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At Daylight Detox and Recovery Center we offer a variety of Drug Detox and Addiction Treatment Programs, read more about the specifics of each detox program, all programs are made with intention alleviate the suffering caused by the drug addiction in a safe and comfortable setting.

Drug Detox Programs

Daylight Detox and Recovery Center offers varying levels of care to those suffering from substance abuse and addiction.

  • Intensive Inpatient
  • PHP
  • Outpatient Detoxification/Long Term Sub MAT
  • Stabilization

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At Daylight Detox and Recovery Center we provide a variety of services designed to help maintain the healing process in the early phases of addiction treatment:

Short Term Stabilization Program
Daily Communication and Updates
On-Site Medical Staff
Participation in Clients Treatment Plan
Discharge Planning
Luxury Residential Setting
Medical Staff On-Site During Office Hours

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The Daylight Treatment Philosophy

As you explore the various pages of our website, you will begin to discover the many nuances that enter into the Daylight Detox and Recovery Center treatment philosophy. We have learned from experience that if addiction treatment is to succeed, it must be purposeful, responsive, and have at its core a set of sound philosophical principles.

And while adaptability and responsiveness must be built into these core principles, we have discovered that effective treatment cannot happen within an ‘anything goes’ type of scenario. We believe that everything we do (or don’t do) to treat our clients must be motivated and justified. And while there are times that our counselors must act intuitively, at any given moment they can give a rigorous account of the purpose behind any set of techniques they employ, especially the way it arises naturally from our core philosophy.

You will discover the bulk of the details of this philosophy on our About Page, but they will also be sprinkled throughout the other pages of this site. For now, however, you can rest assured that everything we do at Daylight Detox and Recovery Center is deeply grounded in dignity, compassion, and long term effectiveness.

The Staff at Daylight Detox and Recovery Center care, they are all highly trained. Our certified clinical staff are available around the clock providing 24 hour medical care. All Staff is highly experienced in the field of substance abuse and addiction, and many are in recovery themselves.

Opiate Detox Center For Addiction to Heroin, Pain Medication, Suboxone, Methadone, Oxycontin, Percocet, Fentanyl, Roxicodone. Experienced Medical staff to manage your withdrawal symptoms. Our detox center also offers outpatient program for those who need to detox at home.

Benzodiazepine Detox for Addiction to Xanax, Valium, Ambien. Withdrawal from these drugs can cause seizures. The detoxification process can take longer than 1 week

Medical Detox for Addiction to Cocaine, Meth, Aderrall. These drugs do not always need detoxification medication. Usually no physical withdrawal symptoms occur, but there may be mental issues.

Alcohol detoxification process. Alcohol addiction is found in every age group. When an alcoholic is detoxing it can be medically necessary to medicate with librium.

  • Daily Support Groups
  • Luxury Living Quarters
  • Pool and Jacuzzi On-Site
  • Gourmet Food Kitchen with 24 Hour Accessibility
  • Netflix and Video Game Access in Every Bedroom
  • Transportation from Housing to Clinical Building
  • Smoking Permitted

Please contact us anytime, 24/7 to learn more about our drug detoxification programs, our levels of care for drug and alcohol addiction, customized treatment care plans, or any other questions or concerns. Save the life of you or someone you know with the help of Daylight Detox and Recovery Center.

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